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Welcome to the official blog of Henry Fagan Consulting Engineers & Project Managers! After weeks of preparation and anticipation we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new blog on the Henry Fagan Consulting Engineers & Project Managers webpage. Carefully crafted to serve our clients, this blog is a medium of interaction and communication. However, before we dive in and explore this new and exciting social media platform let us get acquainted with a brief introduction.


We are Henry Fagan Consulting Engineers & Project Managers! A forward-thinking group of professionals specialising in the disciplines of engineering and project management. With 38 years of experience in the engineering field and with over 2500 projects behind our name, we are established, motivated and ready to expand our reach. Our team possesses exceptional experience and knowledge over a broad range of streams including civil engineering, structural engineering, water & sanitation engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, rail engineering, transportation engineering, and advisory services. With our extensive experience and knowledge, complimented by our creativity and modernisation, we offer our clients the successful delivery of services with high quality results.


While defining ourselves and our business model is interesting and informative, you may be wondering why we have taken this bold step towards blogging. After all we are a team of engineers and technicians, not bloggers or social media influencers. While we do not claim to be great poets or novelists, we do value social media and interactive digital platforms because of the opportunities they present. We understand the importance of networking and the impact of effective communication, and a company blog is a medium through which this can be achieved.

Here at Henry Fagan Consulting Engineers & Project Managers we recognize that the connection between a client and consultant is imperative to create trust, instil confidence and encourage cooperation and collaboration. By establishing this blog, we hope to create a comfortable and accessible platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas, information, and opinions. This will assist us in tending to the needs and desires of past, potential, and future clients.


The Henry Fagan Consulting Engineers & Project Managers blog aims to host and explore a variety of topics within our realm of expertise. While the sole focus of this blog will be to keep our readers up to date with the current events and developments of our company, we additionally intend to delve into other related subjects that impact the world of engineering.

Topics to look out for include architecture and design, technological advancements, innovations and developments in engineering, environmentalism, as well as social, economic, and financial developments in the engineering industry. Readers can expect news reports on current events, intriguing stories on interesting topics, as well as informative lists and guides that will entertain and educate readers. With our new blog, one can expect plenty of content related to the field of engineering and project management so make sure you aren’t missing out!


We look forward to building this digital community with our readers and are eager to see what the future holds. To stay updated with our blog posts follow us on social media linked below:

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