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Angels SA

Angels South Africa (SA) is a non-profit charity organization that operates within South Africa. Established in the year 2020, Angels SA strives to uplift impoverished communities through various initiatives and charitable projects. They focus their efforts and attention in underprivileged communities, and their passion lies in helping the youth and elderly population of South Africa. With support from volunteers, donors and many other willing organizations, Angels SA manages the successful implementation of charitable initiatives to help those in need.

Humble Beginnings

Established in the beginning of 2020, Angels SA was formed during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Founders Farieda and Ebrahim Moses started this NPO so that they could assist in providing relief to the people and communities who were negatively impacted by the pandemic. While the pandemic has regressed in the past 2 years, their aims, and principles as an NPO have not changed and Angels SA continues to dedicate themselves to helping the less fortunate.


Angels SA as indicated in their name, operate solely within the country of South Africa. Originally focusing on the communities within Cape Town, Angels SA has recently expanded its reach to assist rural communities outside of the city of Cape Town. Areas of operation include Worcester, Malmesbury, Paarl, Darling, Atlantis, and Saaron. These areas are located in the less developed regions of Cape Town and face many economic, social, and financial challenges. Angels SA aims to assist these communities by addressing these prevalent disadvantages and providing solutions.

Past Projects:

Angels SA has implemented a variety of projects since their establishment in 2020. They have dabbled in various sectors and domains ranging from education to Feeding Schemes. Their projects include Project 365, the Make-a-Wish Project, the Cableway project, the Santa Shoebox Project, and health & safety projects.

Project 365: This project, started by Angels SA affiliate Rudy Van Dieman in 2022, aims to raise funds for the construction of an orphanage. Van Dieman has been diligently hiking up Table Mountain for 365 consecutive days in an attempt to gain support and donations towards his cause. For more information on this venture visit the link below:

Angels SA affiliate Rudy Van Dieman

Make-a-Wish Project: The Make-a-Wish project was concocted in the year 2020. This project aims to grant one wish to a single individual from an underprivileged area as long as the request in within their means. Angels SA has thus far granted many wishes, most recently having gifted a uniform and medical equipment to a young nursing student.

Angels SA - Make-a-Wish project

Cableway Project: In connection with project 365, Angels SA have begun a new initiative that aims to take a group of people on a trip up the Table Mountain cableway once a year. This project focuses on the youth and the elderly as Angels SA aims to give the less fortunate an opportunity to experience the mother city.

Santa Shoebox Project: Each year Angels SA plans and manages a Christmas function for a group of individuals from a disadvantaged community. The Santa Shoeboxes are gifts that are assembled for the attendants, and they usually contain essential toiletries, a treat, and a thoughtful gift for their enjoyment.

Health & Safety Project: In the year 2020 the world became very aware of the importance of hygiene and education in the domain of health and wellness. Angels SA took this opportunity to organise educational seminars with local schools to educate the youth on proper hygiene, safety, and health. Angels SA has partnered with health professionals and fire departments to conduct lessons on first aid, fire safety, hygiene, and health. In addition to these educational ventures, Angels SA has assisted with the development and furbishing of sick bays in schools around Cape Town.

Angels SA - Health & Safety Project

Making an Impact:

The work of Angels SA has been very effective in uplifting disadvantaged communities, helping the less fortunate, and bringing joy and positivity to communities that are in need. The NPO has got even bigger plans in store for themselves, aiming to extend their reach to the different provinces in South Africa in the near future. Angels SA also seeks to build their own orphanage and create a career guidance programme to assist the unemployed youth.

Henry Fagan is proud to be partnering with Angels SA to do our part in uplifting local South African communities and helping those in need. Look out for our involvement in future projects and our participation in upcoming charity events!

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