Project Details

Client: Private
Category: Specialised / Iconic Buildings
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Architect: Coetzee Steyn
Completed: 2020


After the success of the 1st development project at Bosjes, which included the now much publicized Chapel, our Client decided to embark on a second phase of making the farm a bucket-list destination. The very creative project Architect Coetzee Steyn designed a gridshell of oak battens that starts as a ceiling decoration below a cone shaped concrete barrel forming the roof over the new Winkel, then cantilevers out in front of the cone to form a large arch that then morphs into a vertical trellise wall that surrounds the lawned oval enclosure.

The multi-layered trellis is very delicate and due to the large spans and complex shapes the oak batten stresses were analysed using a finite element model. The junctions and connections were carefully detailed to be strong yet elegant and unobtrusive.

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